Welcome to Precinct Skate Shop

This is more than a ‘business’ to us. We live for skateboarding, and for the Gold Coast scene that has been the backdrop to our lives of rolling good times.

We are ‘fans’ of skateboarding - ‘skate-nerds’ if you like. We proudly await every new clip. We get amped at the prospect of a new spot. Yeah - we talk about skateboarding, a lot. Good. If we’re not in the shop, we’re on the board. We are you, if you’re one of us.

We’re the one’s who pay attention to how many coloured veneers are in a deck, or the fine detail of a print on the inside collar of a t-shirt. It’s this attention to the subtleties that influence both our walk-in door, and on-line shop. We love skateboarding products almost as much as the act of skateboarding itself.

At Precinct we cherish skateboarding’s heritage and the companies who’ve helped shape it. At the same time, we’re hyped on new brands whose innovative visions ensure skating stays fresh and progressive. If it’s the real deal, new or old school, we’re down. Our refined selection demonstrates our passion for unique, timeless, high quality goods. 


We view the ‘local skateshop’ as a communal staple in any and all legitimate skateboarding scenes. A place to get in touch. A place to stay in ‘the loop’. We like to collaborate with local artists and graphic designers to create new boards, and contribute to skate events hosted by local magazines and skateparks. This is our way to reach out to the wider community and support all aspects of the skate industry. For us, the skateshop has always been the  place you visited to find out about events and happenings. The skateshop was the first step on the road to sponsorship. It’s the place to make friends and talk smack. At least that’s the kind of skateshop we aspire to be. The place that always was, and always should be.

Whether you need experienced expert advice, or just want to shoot the shit about who switched teams and dropped a mind-melting welcome clip - we down. 

For the best in skateboards, shoes, apparel and accessories, visit Precinct in store and online. 

Trent Bonham & Julian Lee
Precinct Skate Shop


Mon - Sun: 10am - 5pm AEST
Hours may vary during holiday periods.

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Shop 2, 2527 Gold Coast Highway
Mermaid Beach QLD 4218


The Team



Adam Pirihi

Age: 26

Sponsors: Precinct Skate Shop, Cheeky Essentials

Stance: Regular

Deck Size: 8.25"

Last Video Section: The Wildlife Vid  Click To Watch



Brandon Keir

Age: 20

Sponsors: Precinct Skate Shop, Folklore

Stance: Regular

Deck Size: 8.125"

Last Video Section: Brisbangin 2 Click To Watch



Chase Jaeger

Age: 25

Sponsors: Precinct Skate Shop, OJ, Independent, DC

Stance: Regular

Deck Size: 8.2"

Last Video Section: Skateboarders Journal 'Burbs To Beach' Click To Watch




Indi Russell

Age: 24

Sponsors: Precinct Skate Shop, Converse Cons, Ace Trucks

Stance: Goofy

Deck Size: 8.2"

Last Video Section: The Wildlife Vid Click To Watch



Julian Lee

Age: 29

Sponsors: Precinct Skate Shop, Cheeky Essentials, Nike SB

Stance: Goofy

Deck Size: 8.0"

Last Video Section: The Wildlife Vid Click To Watch



Maddie Pease

Age: 13

Sponsors: Precinct Skate Shop

Stance: Regular

Deck Size: 8.0"

Last Video Section: A Day At Pizzey Click To Watch




Mitch Morrison - Bennett Grind

Age: 23

Sponsors: Precinct Skate Shop, Adidas, Element

Stance: Regular

Deck Size: 8"

Last Video Section: Adidas Activated Click To Watch



riley pavey

Age: 17

Sponsors: Precinct Skate Shop, Time, Nike SB

Stance: Regular

Deck Size: 8.5"

Last Video Section: Table Manners Video Click To Watch



trent bonham

Age: 42

Sponsors: Precinct Skate Shop, Nike SB

Stance: Goofy

Deck Size: 8"

Last Video Section: Precinct Birthday Clip Click To Watch