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  • Legit OG skate shop with the best proddy and run by legends.

    Jake Daniel Frost Avatar
    Jake Daniel Frost
    9 months ago

    Great shop with great staff. It’s been a long time since I’ve skated and Trent helped massively in putting together a board for me in a step by step sort of way that created the perfect set up for me. Many many thanks

    Daniel Carroll Avatar
    Daniel Carroll
    10 months ago

    Thanks Trent for helping make my 10 yo an awesome customised skateboard. He absolutely loved the design. Your products and service are first class.

    Lee Box Avatar
    Lee Box
    11 months ago
  • Really impressive store! Julian was extremely helpful and very knowledgeable. Definitely recommend whether your a pro or novice

    Timothy Flemming Avatar
    Timothy Flemming
    1 year ago

    Great service

    Matt Young Avatar
    Matt Young
    1 year ago

    Amazing shop with a great variety at great prices. I bought a complete set up to get back into skating and the dude that helped me was brilliant and more than accommodating for what I was looking for. Would highly recommend and will definitely revisit for any skating needs. Shout out to the guy that helped me but I can’t remember his name, cheers fellas 🤘

    Alfie Jessup Avatar
    Alfie Jessup
    1 year ago
  • I picked up a great deal when buying a complete setup from this shop. The staff were full of helpful knowledge and tips about board setup.

    I recommend this shop highly and will be back for my next deck when the time comes around.

    Addison Joy Avatar
    Addison Joy
    1 year ago

    Awesome shop, great service and friendly knowledgeable staff.

    Dylan Boland Avatar
    Dylan Boland
    1 year ago

    Most beautiful skate shop I've been to. Super friendly staff and great products.

    Alexandre Avatar
    1 year ago
  • Went in to set up my first non-complete board. The guy/owner was real helpful and nice. Gave me some great advice where needed and wasn’t trying to up-sell or rip me off.. Would definitely recommend hitting them up for your skatey needs.

    Brooke Avatar
    1 year ago

    best shop in Australia. freshest hardware and amazing apparel. clap your hands everybody, and everybody clap your hands !

    Lamar Latrell Avatar
    Lamar Latrell
    1 year ago

    Great customer service. Very knowledgeable and made getting my first skateboard simple and enjoyable! Also pricing was better than buying elsewhere online

    Logan Boyce Avatar
    Logan Boyce
    1 year ago
  • Awesome for the top fresh brands in skateboarding!

    Mark Brimo Avatar
    Mark Brimo
    1 year ago

    I dig this hole in the wall. Is small but has everything. Everyone there skates so is all business. Even have rippers on flow and a dude from slam magazine. Fully sick

    James Lenham Avatar
    James Lenham
    1 year ago

    Top quality service and proper attention to detail 🌝

    Calum Warbrooke Avatar
    Calum Warbrooke
    1 year ago
  • positive review Great shop staffed by skaters. Helped our boy build his new board.

    Nicola Barrett Avatar
    Nicola Barrett
    2 years ago


    Baeziebear 45YT Avatar
    Baeziebear 45YT
    2 years ago

    Trent was amazing and helped me picked out a full set for my boyfriend. He loves it. Thanks guys.

    kayla sinclair Avatar
    kayla sinclair
    2 years ago
  • Awesome local skate shop on the gold coast! Went in bought a new deck for my collection, wicked layout of the store. Staff were friendly and very helpful. Gave us skate parks and spots to hit. Tugun was epic. Cheers

    Jamie Cleghorn Avatar
    Jamie Cleghorn
    2 years ago

    Best skate shop on the GC 👍

    Alex McPhedran Avatar
    Alex McPhedran
    2 years ago

    Good friendly service

    Vinnie Bleakley Avatar
    Vinnie Bleakley
    2 years ago
  • Cool shop, helpful staff, great experience!Good work guys.

    Jade Masters Avatar
    Jade Masters
    2 years ago

    positive review Awesome shop! Professional service, put it together for me right there on the counter!
    Totally worth the coin spent!!
    Happy customer.

    Avon Wallace Avatar
    Avon Wallace
    3 years ago

    Great local shop with very helpful staff. Went in and needed stuff to set up my board. They even set it up for me. Best skate shop, will definitely recommend!

    Rain Reiljan Avatar
    Rain Reiljan
    3 years ago
  • positive review These guys are amazing!! No hesitation in supporting the young people in our community with amazing donations for community events!! Keep up the awesome work guys �

    Hay Lee Avatar
    Hay Lee
    4 years ago

    Hands down best skate shop on the coast, always have the best products at great prices!

    Tahj Carter Avatar
    Tahj Carter
    4 years ago

    Best shop around, best customer service, actually sorted me out with what I needed unlike their competion down the road.

    Michael Bell Avatar
    Michael Bell
    4 years ago
  • positive review Best skateshop on the Gold Coast. Precinct. Skater owned and run. Great shop, great staff, great vibe with zero attitude! You'll be travelling for yonks down the highway till you hit the next SKATER OWNED skateshop.

    Albert Bishop Avatar
    Albert Bishop
    4 years ago

    Thanks Chase for giving Hudson an amazing experience today. What a wonderful opportunity to allow a young boy to develop his skills. See you next time we are up. Thanks Trent for hooking this up cheers Lynda

    Lynda Smith Avatar
    Lynda Smith
    5 years ago

    Out of all the shops on the coast that claim to be skater owned this is the only legit one! Always have the best product and at the best prices! Couldn't recommend this shop enough.

    Steve Stoton Avatar
    Steve Stoton
    5 years ago
  • positive review Best skateshop on the coast always great staff

    Jordan Atkins Avatar
    Jordan Atkins
    6 years ago

    positive review Why would you shop any where else?
    Skateboarder owned and operated.
    Enough said.

    Leigh Kelly Avatar
    Leigh Kelly
    6 years ago

    positive review Skater owned, always helping out the local skate scene. Upto date product at the best prices!!!

    Steve Stoton Avatar
    Steve Stoton
    6 years ago
  • positive review Best deals if you looking for a complete set up!!!

    Josiah Utiera Avatar
    Josiah Utiera
    7 years ago

    positive review Top class

    Jay Widdiful Avatar
    Jay Widdiful
    7 years ago

    positive review Best skate shop

    Diego Mickey Avatar
    Diego Mickey
    7 years ago
  • positive review Rad dudes rad shop, All for the shred sleds! run by skaters for skaters!

    Chris Binns Avatar
    Chris Binns
    7 years ago

    positive review Best skate shop

    Blake Frances Avatar
    Blake Frances
    7 years ago

    positive review Under great management!!

    Tom Reilly Avatar
    Tom Reilly
    7 years ago