Stoops Magazine - Issue 1


Stoops Magazine will document and inspire the current generation of skateboarding in New York City. It will showcase the best, most creative, and rawest skateboarding happening in the five boroughs by locals, natives, and visitors. Stoops will give you a look into the diversity of spots and the potential that the city offers.


New York is one of most photogenic cities in the world. Couple that with amazing and creative skateboarding and you will find it hard to beat the photos it will (and does!) produce. The problem is that there is no solid outlet for displaying these photos. You may get lucky to see a low-resolution version of one or two of them floating around some blogs, but is that sufficient? A lot of major European cities have their own mags to help represent their cities (Grey Magazine out of London, for example), so it’s time that the world’s city had its own. This would benefit many. For one, it would let outsiders into our world of skateboarding through one of the most chaotic cities. It would also help shine light on the local companies, filmmakers, photographers, and skaters that are pushing the boundaries with no mainstream support.

The premiere issue of Stoops includes the following:

- Luis Tolentino cover - ollie in the Lower East Side.
- Articles: NYC Pools, In Brief: Ben Kadow, In Brief: Matt Town, On The Roof (skating rooftops), One-Offs, Floridians In New York: Danny Fuenzalida, Behind The Curtains With Steve Rodriguez.
- Photographers: Allen Ying, Jonathan Mehring, Mike Heikkila, Eby Ghafarian, Kyle Seidler, Grant Monahan, & Matt McGinley.
- Skaters: Luis Tolentino, Daniel Kim, Taylor Nawrocki, Tony Farmer, Pat Smith, Duncan Rowland, Ben Kadow, Matt Town, Connor Kammerer, Dustin Eggeling, Antonio Durao, Jimmy Lannon, Joel Meinholz, Dave Willis, Eli Reed, Ryan Lay, Jahmal Williams, Shingo Ogura, Clement Oladipo, Luke Malaney, Aaron Herrington, Ben Gore, Jeff Figueroa, Walker Ryan, Zach Moore, Chris Jones, Gilbert Crockett, Brian Delatorre, Danny Fuenzalida, Jerry Mraz, Harry Jumanji, Steve Rodriguez, Bobby Puleo, Matt Mooney, & Rob Gonyon.

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