As part of HOTA 'Concrete Culture' and with the backing of DC Shoes, we are transforming the HOTA stage into a one day only skate plaza with $3k in cash grab & best trick prize money to be won. We can’t wait to see you there!
More info on the Facebook event page.



- Invitational Skaters -


Tommy Fynn Gabriel Summers     Noah Nayef

Ricky Glaser

Rob Pace Indi Russell Mitch Morrison

Mitchell Howse

Blake Harris Sam Larkins Nick Law

Sam Windhorst       

Riley Pavey Jay Runciman Sam Atkins

Adam Pirihi

Jesse Brodbeck     Joel McIlroy Brandon Keir

Trent Riley

Shaun Paul Luke Barrie Mike Lawry

Joel Wilshire

Nathan Jackson         
Nathan Zahara                
Andrew Beauchamp           

And more...