DC - Lynx OG Skate Jawn (Black/White/Grey)

"DC Shoes has been a staple of East Coast skateboarding for over 20 years, and the lynx changed the game when it came out in 1998. Skate Jawn has been supporting the East Coast skate, and printing free magazines since 2010, and we're doing our best to change the game as well. During a time where websites and phone screens have dominated skateboarding culture, we've been using ink, paper and stamps to share skateboarding on a level that lasts longer than an algorithm. DC has always done things their way, and we have too, which is why this collaboration made so much sense to us. Indroducing the Skate Jawn Lynx."

-Skate Jawn

Skate Jawn is free bi-monthly skate magazine from the East Coast, first put together in 2010 by a house full of skateboarders in Philadelphia, PA. Our first issue was printed in a library, stapled in a living room, and distributed by hand. We’ve steadily grown since issue one, and now distribute over 25,000 copies around the world each year. We distribute mainly through skate shops across the country, as well as distributors in Canada, Europe, and Asia, but also get magazines to events, skateparks, local spots, and wherever there are skateboarders.
Skate Jawn is made entirely by skateboarders, and we do everything we can to support our audience, our advertisers, and skateboarding as a whole.


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